Couchsurfing Sucks in Bogotá

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It's been a while since I wrote anything and honestly, I think it's because I haven't been enjoying traveling as much as I did. I think it's partially because I had heard so many good things about Colombia and I built up my expectations on the country. In addition to this, my new diet also means I literally can't eat anything from the street anymore because it all has milk, dairy, and meat lol.

I've been couchsurfing for a little under two months so far. This is the route I've taken which has a u-turn in it: Bogotá -> Chía -> Cajicá -> Zipaquirá -> Briceño -> Sopo -> La Calera -> Bogotá -> Ibagué

And now, I'm in Ibagué, Tolima which is between Cali and Medellín. I chose to go south because the north didn't have interesting couchsurfing hosts. Sounds silly, but I guess that's my travel style.

Arriving Colombia

Upon arriving Colombia, I spent a month in Bogotá with my friend's contact which was a family that hosted her. I had spoken about this in a previous post, but I couldn't get a single person to host me in Bogotá. Most of the hosts didn't even answer my request which is really sad, but I guess it happened for a reason. Bogotá from my experience is a really shitty place when it comes to finding a host.

A lot of the people seem to be really caught up in the rat race and have a very cold and capitalistic/consumerism view of life. It also doesn't help that the wages are bad for Colombians, so they're chasing just to survive and a lot of them want to leave their country because most of the problems don't seem fixable. That's just my point of view and experience so everyone's perspective will be different of course.

Enough negativity

Anyway, that's enough negativity... for now lol. I couchsurfed in the north, outside the city which I feel was much nicer and I met some nicer people. I was able to cook a lot at their homes. It was fun helping my new friends out with their diet. That's a focus in my life right now: nutrition, plant-based to be exact. But besides this, there's very little about traveling that I seem to enjoy. It's very fcking weird.

I think I lost that spark I had while traveling through Mexico where I wanted to learn anything and everything about people. Even the bad parts. Now every time I meet someone, I seem to notice patterns in personalities and become disinterested. That kinds sucks... or does it?

Slight Change

Now, I feel like my travel style has begun to change. Maybe it's not a bad thing. Maybe I've learned what I needed to learn with hitchhiking, people and constant change. And it's time to explore something else. It's really weird because I learned a lot this past year and when I meet someone that doesn't quite understand what I mean. It makes me learn how to approach these people.

Somehow, I feel like settling down might be the best move for me right now. I remember a very wise guy that gave me a ride to Mexico City gifted me an amazing piece of advice. He said:

If the universe is telling you to stop traveling, listen to it


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