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I've been in Ecuador for almost a month now. And it's been such a nice welcome and introduction to the country. I've had nothing but amazing hosts despite it being a bit difficult to find people in the same frequency. Now I feel like the harder it is to find a connection with people, the stronger it will be. Well that's my theory at least lol.

My most recent connection was with my host in the capital city, Quito. It almost never happened since she was outside the country, but luckily we synced up, and I was hosted by her for a week. It's interesting to see that the more things I learn on my travels, the easier it is to make a connection with just about anyone. Moreover, the connection is really powerful when I meet someone in the same vibration since I have invested a lot of time to explore many corners of this vibration haha.

Zero expectations

With my recent host, I genuinely didn't have many expectations, but it turns out that the knowledge that I had to share, really fascinated her and I think that has been a very common theme with all the strong connections I've had throughout the past 16 months. What happens is that one person seems to be in a transitional phase with massive curiosity while the other person seems to have the precise knowledge that that person needs to complete the puzzle and then voilà, change happens.

The tiny issue with this is that strong connection doesn't necessarily mean mutual connection. I feel like in order for a beautiful and genuine connection to happen, both parties need to sync up in a couple of areas, namely: philosophy, focus, and goals.

Now, this conclusion only came about after being with quite a couple of partners that failed in its own way and the connection was slowly lost. I guess it's kinda like a science experiment where you just formulate a conclusion after having several failures. Essentially, that's how all systems come about I suppose.


To start off, philosophy is like the backbone of everything since it lays down a lot of the things someone believes in and there's wiggle room in everything but the compromise has to be in balance. My philosophy is pretty simple in that I believe love and compassion are the answer to almost everything, so that is reflected in my choice of food, my connection with people and most importantly the relationship with myself.


Focus is also an interesting and important category that I discovered lately. Sometimes, I can have the best connection with another person but if that person seems to be currently focused on something that's on the other spectrum of what I am, and it doesn't compliment somehow, it's really difficult to sync up. For example, I've traveled with partners that are very interested in constant change and nothing really deep or long term, so that's kind of a very different focus. Both are fine because I've also been in the first category.


And finally, Goals. This is an important part of the equation I think because everyone is focusing and believing in many things and the end of the road means all the energy is going towards one place. I think goals are also important because being in total harmony with a friend or a partner means that I'll also be helping them achieve dreams and goals.

Well that's it. This was super basic, but it's helping me reason better while still feeling. I hope it helps someone out there as well ;)


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