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What do I mean by programming? Well, I talked about this a bit before in one of my pasts posts before but for me, it's a compilation of all the experiences and interactions that forms the way you think. It's essentially what everyone knows as personality which is the ego fundamentally.

After being in Colombia for four months, naturally, I've somehow recognized some patterns from all the people I've met. Yes, everyone is super different but in general, if you grow in a country and even more, in a region, you kinda get similar programming.

Colombians are a unique species

Colombians seem to be very emotional, relaxed, laid-back, sensual, loving, intense, spontaneous people. And from what I've seen, they live very much in the moment and aren't very concerned with what happens afterwards, haha. I guess that's quite the contrary to people in the USA or people in Europe.

This is very interesting to me because it explains why all these Europeans/Americans come to visit Colombia, especially Cali. They are just looking for something that's not in their country haha. It's fun to spot these things sometimes.

As a side point, I'm currently in Cali, Colombia doing volunteer work at a hostel and taking salsa lessons which is a lot of fun. I also practice the guitar since a friend owns one here which has been fun since learning a new hobby is so satisfying to me :)

Shifting my outlook on everything

Normally, I'm not into the whole social scene but having a positive outlook on everything has made meeting people a lot more interesting. And well, it's fun meeting people that are just regular travelers for now.

Now the only thing that's pressing on my mind is where the fck I'll spend the holidays since most work exchange places don't hire during this busy period and hosts in couchsurfing also prefer to spend time with families and not the random travelers ๐Ÿ˜…

Let's see how this turns out.


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