Collective Trauma

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Colombia had a national strike day last two days, and it got very violent. I was never really interested in a country's history until now. It's funny how we only start caring about certain things when we feel something intense or see things from a whole new perspective.

This strike lasted two days for the most part and similar things have been happening around South America for the past couple of years. Dictators and corrupt leaders are just becoming less and less compassionate and just care about their own selfish agendas with no regard for the rest of people or anything else for the matter of fact.

What did I learn from this experience?

Well, I never understood or felt what it means to hurt as a country. Much less react and stand up in unity for a cause. I do strongly believe in love and compassion but communicating that can be challenging because every single person has a string of feelings, thoughts and maybe traumas that we now call a personality.

I was so fascinated with personalities and programming before but after seeing so much of them, I started recognizing patterns and it no longer became fun lol. Essentially I started filtering out what I like and dislike and the curiosity was gone sadly.

Well, this little mini trauma got me interested and compassionate again. I'm now researching a bit about why Colombians are very angry and how their approach either works or doesn't because other countries like Venezuela just crashed and just didn't get better.

There are lessons to be learned here.

I'm not exactly sure how I should use this experience yet, but I'm sure it'll help me understand societies, teams, and people in general.

The national strike was called. Paro Nacional and it was a powerful eye-opening experience.


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