Closing an Open Mind

· 1 min read

Recently I've been calibrating my brain in a strange way. It's oddly satisfying and peaceful. Since I've been volunteering at a hostel for the past two weeks, I've been confronting lots of new people that I just can't seem to connect with nor am I remotely interested in exchanging energy with them.

I feel like I'm now filtering who I spend energy with which is fcking weird because before I was mostly closed-minded and filtered everyone who wasn't into my capitalistic mindset and now that I am somehow open to new ideas, I am yet again filtering people.

But this time I think it's actually a healthy version of the filtering because the people I'm surrounded with right now all seem to be a bit unfocused and trying to figure out what makes them happy. So they spend time drinking, socializing and in general just talking and repeating the same mindless travel talk like where they were and where they're going.

It's all relative I guess, but that's boring to me right now :(

I want more than just the superficial talking crap. I kinda want depth, substance and real connection which I really enjoyed from the real travelers that visited me back when I hosted guests back home.

This is probably just a rant because it's all relative and everyone's figuring out their stuff yet, but I guess the awareness of it gives me some more focus and direction.

So I guess that's cool.


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