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My backpacking trip is coming up this end of July, and I'm looking to smoothly transition into my new nomadic lifestyle.

Sounds pretty sweet right? It is but not with its own share of work. Luckily, I have a bunch of ideas.

I've always been good at problem-solving which works perfectly for living in the reality of working and making money. Well at least I think I am.

So what is my game plan for Nomad Life 2018?

Getting travel money won't be much of a problem for me I think since I'll be able to sell some of my video gear and household items. I think that's what most people do when moving. The trick will be selling everything without losing too much of the initial value.

Here's what I'll be doing to get some backup travel money. Most of this money will be used for flights and visa fees as far as I can tell.

  • Listing an extra room or your entire house on Airbnb (Very easy to do)
  • Selling items you don't use on Facebook Marketplace (Recently updated)
  • Buying items online and selling it locally for a profit (Flipping)
  • Doing digital work for business owners in f@cebok Groups (Just thought of this)
  • Buying a car when I visit the U.S. and driving it down for resale (Should be easy and fun)
  • Working a full-time job in a first world country (Either USA, Canada or Australia)

All of these require an exchange of time for money and extra work to keep doing it. I'm fine with it as long as I can do it remotely. For my long-term plan, I would like to make investments in things that require very minimal maintenance and can even make money while I sleep. And in all honesty, I don't care about money now, but I would still like to make some and use it positively because I understand that I can partake in the business reality as long as I understand it's just a game and be willing to play for fun.

Here are some stuff I'll be doing for long-term passive income:

  • Using land resources I have, to build small houses and paying it with the same rent money
  • Renting out a small house I built and putting it up on Airbnb
  • Opening a travel facebook group and offering a local travel guide
  • Partnering with local travel companies to collect referral fees
  • Using youtube and patreon to upload travel video diaries of friends I met on couchsurfing
  • Buying cryptocurrency online (Etherium, Bitcoin etc)

Honestly, I feel like money will be the least of my problems because I recently met a couchsurfer that explained how he traveled on $60 USD a month, and he gave me all the tips and oddly, I've been practicing all his tips already.

Surprisingly, the most challenging/risky part of my new lifestyle will be to keep my house running since I do want to keep it as a home base given it's so close to town and relatively cheap. I feel that it's a good backup plan if I plan on cutting my travel short as well. If Airbnb fails to function and pay the bills, I'll just find a tenant on facebook to stay at my house and enjoy a furnished house. I think this is called subletting.

If I didn't have these things to solve, I would probably be on the road already!

Why share all this?

Well hopefully someone that needs help finds it useful and this is sorta like my journal.

I have some other lists concerning travel requirements that I'll do in another blog post which has stuff I'll pack and visas I'll apply for. I'm so glad I didn't have to do research or stress out about these because my friends graciously shared all their travel tips.

Speaking of friends, I think my travel trip will be starting as soon as mid-July since I have a friend from Costa Rica coming to Belize to visit me. She hosted me in San Jose, Costa Rica, and we'll be exploring my country and Yucatán together.

I thought writing this would be a pain in the ass but I'm actually very glad now since I didn't really have a game plan at first, but now it's becoming a bit clearer. The power of journaling I guess?

Here's my travel route that's subject to change:

  • Yucatan, Mexico: Mid July 2018 (Accompanying my friend)
  • USA: End of July 2018 (Visiting friends & selling video gear)
  • Canada: Mid August 2018 (Visiting friends)
  • Colombia: Mid September 2018 (Accompanying my friend)
  • Rest of South America: End of September 2018 (Meeting up another friend)

And that's it for lists. This was really good! I finally got some stuff in order lol. I feel like I'm ready now.


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