So I was supposed to be writing a blog post on how I backpacked Guatemala for a week, but now I'm on my second backpacking trip.

I'll try to keep this one updated. Keyword: TRY lol

I'm doing this Costa Rica trip because my couchsurfer friend won me a ticket to a popular festival called Envision Festival

Let the video below give you an idea of what this is. You make your own deductions. I think I'll like it.

Envision Festival at Costa Rica (Y0utube Link)

This is my first trip that's really outside neighboring countries, so it's kinda exciting.

This is what has happened so far:

  • I got a shared taxi (colectivo) to Flores, El Peten to catch a flight here.
  • I stayed at a hostel called Hotel Mirador del Lago (couldn't find a couchsurfer)
  • Used my portable hammock for the first time (very fcking cool but uncomfortable)
  • Saw drunk tourists trying to climb the hostel wall after getting locked out (cliche)
  • Met an Austrian girl that will hike for 5 days to El Mirador Ruin
  • Realized why couchsurfing is so amazing (hostels are nice for meeting lots of people though)
  • Realized traveling still takes a ton of planning even though I want to be in flow
  • Still like this traveling thing a lot


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