Authenticity Wins

· 1 min read

Recently I've been talking a lot about people and feelings, but I want to share a bit about business and how authenticity has turned me into a good salesman and good human being overall. Not kidding!

I have to sell a lot of stuff recently and most my stuff are high-value items because I was a quite the consumer before, sadly. I sold two iPhones a few days ago, and I sold it to the same guy haha. I never really follow any rules when it comes to selling because I feel everybody is different. So why create any rules especially in this fast-changing reality we live in. I basically just sold him what he wanted to buy while being a nice and chill person. End of story.

Right now, authenticity just means that I view a person as a blank piece of paper every time I meet someone.

I don't prepare any pre-written facts about them in my head. I just meet them, see them for what they truly are, my friend in this universe. And I talk to them about what they like and why it matters. Done.

No overthinking. Just raw conversational discovery.


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