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I've been wanting to write about this for a long time, so this might be a lengthy post, or maybe it'll just be a few sentences. Either way, I'll try to spill my guts on the subject.

Just so you know, I felt very different about the word attachment before, and it has evolved a lot for me in the past year. I will break this down into the two ways I perceive it - before and after.

Before: Attachment was abstract and integrated into life.

I was blissfully unaware of all the stuff I was attached to. Stuff like my electronics, my ex-girlfriend, my food, my lifestyle and just about everything I wanted and attained. I just always wanted more. Why? Because that's what everyone was doing. I also liked the challenge of getting more.

After: Attachments only exist if I give it that label.

Now, I feel that I can let go of anything now because I love enough to feel it's still there, even if it's not mine for lack of better word.

Since I'm being frank about my feelings, I am talking about attachments is because I've met some amazing people recently, and it's super hard to let go sometimes especially when such a deep connection happens between two people.

I think we all kinda want to feel connected and maybe merge with everything. The only problem is that the feeling is attached to the views that govern our current world which is one where we must find a single partner in life and also...

Create a dynasty that lasts a 1000 years lol.

That's a quote from Twin Lannister. Watch the scene here (youtube link)

This video really hits home with me because I never really had a good connection with my dad and because I was lacking a father figure, Tywin kinda fills that void. God damn traumas.

So yeah, attachments kinda suck for the most part because they make you feel like you're not whole and that you're separate from everything else.

How do you counter such an intense feeling?

It's quite simple actually. Just reset and remember you are it whole, the entire chunk of pizza.

When it comes to people, especially the amazing women I've met through couchsurfing, I just love them unconditionally and stay in touch with them because I know I will see them again very soon, and I'm grateful to have met them and shared years of memory in just a few days.

In the end, it's all about how you see it, and after you feel the love for everything, seeing becomes easy.


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