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Hola! Holy shit it's been long since I wrote anything and I have so much to write about. I am now officially out of Colombia and in another country. It feels so good to be in new territory after six months. It's like being single all over again haha. In all seriousness, it was like I was in a relationship with the previous country. We had our ups and downs. Many downs but the ending was well worth it.

Crossing the border

I'm now in Ibarra, Ecuador which is like four hours from the border. I spent so much time at the border, two hours in total so just keep that in mind if you ever cross borders in South America.

In this new city, I'm being hosted by a wonderful couchsurfing host who actually gave me the keys to one of her apartments in the center of the city! I'm so god damn lucky to have these things happen to me in the first few days in the city which is perfect for me to get use to the new environment. The hardest thing is just getting use to the money value after having your brain programmed to be thinking in the old currency (Colombian Pesos in my case.)

Colombia to Ecuador shift

Here in Ecuador, the currency is the U.S. dollar, and they even use the U.S. coins which is strange for me. Coming from Colombia, I find Ecuador to be much more organized, relaxed and clean. Colombia just has a lot of shit going on in the background that needs to be fixed. I'm talking about the corrupted Colombian government of course.

Now I have a lot to write since I'm beginning to see similarities and contrasts between more than one country. It's fascinating to see how I'm developing tastes in each country. And by tastes I mean that I miss the beautiful Colombian women lol.

Nevertheless, I do feel a very good vibe in Ecuador. Even though it's too early to have as solid opinion, I do think I'll have a very good time here. My visa gives me only three months which will fly by so quickly so I'll maximize my time.

Wallet is getting empty

On another note, I only have $100 USD to my name (in cash) at the moment, so I'm doing my best to stretch this little money. I have a large summed gift card, a phone and a hard drive that I need to sell urgently, or I'll soon find myself traveling with no money like my friend from Finland ๐Ÿ˜…

I'll have a lot to talk about soon, but I need to get some rest now since I'm visiting one of the largest artesanal markets in Latin America tomorrow. That's a cool little statistic I had no idea until I youtubed some videos. The market is in Otavalo, and I'm so excited to go there.

At last, I'm excited about something lol. Maybe I even film a bit and upload a video after nine months of being silent haha.


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