Adjusting to Reality

· 1 min read

So what happens now that life is just an imagined reality?

Well, I can always sell all my shit and just live in solitude up in a beautiful mountain, but that's not what my core seems to be asking for.

At this very moment, I feel like expanding the collective human consciousness is the first step.

And since there are infinite possibilities of what reality we choose to live in, why not merge with said imagined reality and live in harmony?

I've spent a lot of time figuring out why human beings are screwed up and until recently did I feel what the other side is like.

And guess what? As soon as I started focusing on the positive stuff, more of that started showing up. Law of attraction? Possibly.

I'm sorry if this is shitty advice or no advice at all, but it's pretty hard to choose a direction when you know choosing a direction is all just based on artificial instinct we call culture.

Fully relying on my gut feelings here, my friends. I'm only human.

I'll be back with some more interesting stuff next time.


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