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I've been holding off on writing the last three months because I haven't been too motivated recently. I feel like I was being way too reactive and not proactive which is almost the same as living in fear.

This morning was a bit better. Oddly it was after breaking my routine. I was able to come back to my center just by accepting it and starting over. It's fcking amazing how after so much time of being aware of it, you forget it. It also helped that I felt more grateful.

I did an interview of my friend, Eve a while back, and she said the best way to turn your life around was to write three things you are grateful for.

I have so much to write about but...

Sadly, I haven't been centered enough to focus to be honest, but I'll work on it.

In other news, I gave surfing a try, and it was brutal. It's probably the hardest challenge I've ever attempted. Mostly because I'm not the best swimmer, so I have to overcome that fear first I think.

Another recent obsession of mine has been with privacy. Last year I got rid of my facebook and inst@gram because I don't like the anti-privacy philosophy of Mark Zuckerberg. This month I deleted my whatsapp because that's also one of his companies, and it's scary how much information he collects with these three big applications that are always top ten in the phone app stores.

My next step is to get rid of my google account and stop using gmail, youtube, google maps, google keep, and google calendar.

Yes, it's a little extreme, but I think we also live in an excessive world and if one person in your friend circle does something like this, it can serve as a little inspiration and be thought-provoking. Maybe not immediately but eventually...

If you want to start the revolution. Change your messaging app to start off. Signal Messenger is a secure and private alternative to whatsapp messenger.


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