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It's the first of January and I don't think I've ever been so excited in my life for the rest of the year. This is super strange to me but, god-damn I think that's a good strange lol.

I decided to take a different route when it comes to where I spend most of my time thinking and feeling and this looks like the perfect time to achieve life equilibrium.

What's the new philosophy?

Well, it's mastery and sharing. In the past few months, I've dedicated a lot of my time learning lots of new things and the interesting part about this is that I have a habit of taking things to the highest level. So that means I tend to learn something until I somewhat feel like I'm a master at it. Being a master at something for me means that I'm able to teach it with ease to just about anyone. That goes to the second part of the equation which is just as important, sharing.

In my mind and heart, there's no point in learning something if I'm not able to share it and help all my friends and anyone interested. My favorite part of traveling has been learning and teaching, especially when there's that spark in someone's eyes. I genuinely feel like that just helps us collectively expand our consciousness and connects us very deeply. And well, that's what I've been complaining about not having these past months when all I needed to do was start the cycle haha. Fck, it was that easy.

What am I mastering?

Honestly, I'll keep mastering what I really enjoy doing right now which is mostly cooking and connecting with people, but I'll add a few more things to that list and make it a little more detailed. The point of this is not only to stay accountable to my philosophy but also to help anyone that wants to figure out the same thing.

It's funny because I had written about my life values before, and it's basically the same thing as my 2020 philosophy, just a little more detailed.

Here's the quick list


  • Plant-based Diet
  • Yoga
  • Calisthenics


  • Passive Income Generation
  • Learning Portuguese
  • Vegan Cooking & Nutrition


  • Guitar playing
  • Salsa dancing
  • Meditation

It's a bit vague, but I'm looking forward to refining it.


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