Belize Travel Updates: Border, Curfew & Entry Restrictions

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What You Need to Know

  • Curfew: Daily curfew till 11:00 PM on weekdays & 12:00 PM on weekends.
  • Masks: Not required if in vehicle, seated at restaurants, swimming, or exercising.
  • Restaurants: Allowed indoors at 50% capacity and don't require vaccination.
  • Entry: Requires negative covid test from vaccinated & unvaccinated travelers.
  • Border: Buses & ferries suspended between Belize & Mexico/Guatemala.

Travel Updates

Jan 13th / Via Belize Tourism Board

Effective Feb 15th, Travelers Must Purchase Health Insurance To Enter Belize

Dec 23rd / Via San Pedro Sun

Land Borders and Sea Borders are Scheduled to Fully Re-open in Feb 2022

Dec 6th / Via GOB Press Office

Omicron Variant Restrictions Imposed for Select Countries

Dec 2nd / Via CDC

Flying Back to the U.S. Requires Negative Covid Test One Day before Travel

Aug 5th / Via Belize Tourism Board

Covid Test is now Mandatory for Entry into Belize

Covid Restrictions

Entry By Air Requirements

  • Covid Test

    Take mandatory Rapid Test within 48 hours of arrival or PCR test within 96 hours of arrival. Vaccination not accepted. No covid test required for children under the age of 5 years. Read more in faq section

  • Book Hotel

    Gold Standard Hotels are not absolutely required if entering by air despite what official sources say. However, if entering by land, reservations are carefully screened. Read more in gold standard hotels

  • Follow Protocols

    Countrywide covid mandates include wearing masks, social distancing & abiding by curfew hours. Mandates can be reviewed below.

Current Mandates

  • Wear Mask

    Mandatory use of face masks in public spaces. Public spaces means anywhere outside private residences.

  • Social Distance

    It is mandatory for all persons to abide by the 6ft (1.5m) social distancing rule in all public spaces.

  • Follow Curfew

    Abide by curfew protocols. Anyone in public spaces after curfew hours risk a fine of $500 BZD.

Curfew Hours


    Sunday to Thursday


    Friday to Saturday

Land Borders

Entry By Land Requirements

  • Only Foreign Tourists Allowed

    Only foreign tourists traveling to Belize using the passport of a country other than Belize shall be eligible for entry.

  • Gold Standard Accommodation

    Foreign Tourists must show proof of booking for at least 3 nights at a Belize Tourism Board Gold Standard Certified Hotel or Accommodation.

  • Gold Standard Transportation

    Foreign Tourists are allowed entry with private vehicles. If not, they must be transported from the border facilities by a Certified Gold Standard Transport Operator.

Additional Requirements

  • Mandatory Rapid Test

    All travelers, both vaccinated & unvaccinated entering Belize through the Northern and Western Borders will be administered a Rapid Test by the Ministry of Health and Wellness, at their own expense.

  • No External Tests

    No external Covid PCR or Rapid Test will be accepted at these points of entry.

  • Border Opening Hours

    The Western Border and the Northern Border shall be open to foreign tourists from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM โ€” 4:00 PM Saturday & Sunday from 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

Covid Testing Locations





Are gold standard hotels mandatory?

If entering Belize by land, gold standard hotels and transportation are required for a minimum of 3 nights. However, entering Belize by air, gold standard hotels are optional and reservations are not screened.

Are tourist attractions open?

All tourist attractions in Belize have re-opened, which includes national parks and tours.

Land & Marine Border

Are the borders open to Guatemala and Mexico?

Yes, both borders are open to foreign tourists but require gold standard accommodation for 3 days along with gold standard transportation from the border.

Is the Chetumal to San Pedro Ferry Operational?

Marine transfers between Mexico and Belize have been suspended but is subject to change.

Covid Testing

Can I get tested at the airport upon arrival?

Yes, a covid test can be administered at the airport for a fee of $50.00 USD per passenger.

Does immigration accept digital or paper copy of covid test?

They accept both and from personal experience at immigration multiple times during covid, they barely even look at the document for more than a couple of seconds.

Do I need a covid test to fly back home?

All U.S. American travelers flying back to the United States will need to present a covid test no more than 1 day before traveling to the U.S. It must be shown to the airline before you board your flight.