Belize Travel Restrictions: Border, Curfew & Entry Updates

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What You Need to Know

  • Entry: Fully vaccinated travelers no longer need a covid test to enter.
  • Curfew: All curfew restrictions have been fully removed.
  • Masks: Mask mandates scrapped but private businesses may still require it.
  • Border: Land Borders & Sea Ports are now open for tourists and non-tourists.
  • Hotels: Tourists no longer required to have minimum number of nights to enter.

Travel Updates

April 1st / Via Government of Belize Press Office

Mask Mandate Scrapped Indoors & Outdoors

Feb 4th / Via San Pedro Sun

Land & Sea Port Fully Reopen on Feb 7, 2022

Jan 13th / Via Belize Tourism Board

Effective Feb 15th, Travelers Must Purchase Health Insurance To Enter Belize

Dec 2nd / Via CDC

Flying Back to the U.S. Requires Negative Covid Test One Day before Travel

Tourist Entry Requirements

The information below was gathered directly from Belize Tourism Board.

  • Airport Entry Only

    Three options for entry during covd:

    1. Present proof of full vaccination
    2. Present negative covid test: PCR, RT, Sofia, SD Biosensor, ID Now, eMed and ABBOTT (Panbio)
    3. Take test upon arrival: valued at $50.00 USD ($100.00 BZD)

    Children under 5 are exempt from entry testing requirements.

  • Land & Sea Port Entry

    Two options for entry during covid:

    1. Present proof of full vaccination
    2. Take a test upon arrival: valued at $50.00 USD ($100.00 BZD). External tests NOT allowed at this entry point.

    Land Borders are now open 24/7. Sea Ports open 6AM—4PM.

  • Mandatory At All Entries

    • Purchase travel insurance: available for purchase online or upon arrival.
    • Entering norther border: if arriving via Mexico—Belize Border, entry is only available via the Chactemal Bridge (New Border).
    • Gold standard hotels: are sometimes reviewed when entering via air but not via land.

    Tourists are no longer required to have a minimum 3 night stay.

Covid Restrictions

Current Mandates

  • Mask Sometimes

    Some establishments have chosen to keep the indoor mask policies

  • No Curfew

    Curew restrictions have been removed as of March 1st, 2022

  • Nighlife Open

    Bars, clubs and casinos are now allowed to be open

Mask Mandate Details

Mask NOT Required

Outdoors and indoors
At a private residence
While driving
While With members of the same household

Mask Required

Certain business establishments with rules

Covid Testing Locations





Are gold standard hotels mandatory?

As of Feb 7, 2022, foreign tourists are no longer required to have a minimum stay of in Belize which was previously three nights.

Are tourist attractions open?

All tourist attractions in Belize have re-opened, which includes national parks and tours.

Land & Sea Ports

Are the borders open to Guatemala and Mexico?

Yes, both borders are now open to both foreign and locals starting on Feb 7, 2022.

Is the Chetumal to San Pedro Ferry Operational?

Sea ports have opened on Feb 7, 2022 but new schedules have not been confirmed as yet.

Covid Testing

Can I get tested at the airport upon arrival?

Yes, a covid test can be administered at the airport for a fee of $50.00 USD per passenger.

Does immigration accept digital or paper copy of covid test?

They accept both and from personal experience at immigration multiple times during covid, they barely even look at the document for more than a couple of seconds.

Do I need a covid test to fly back home?

All U.S. American travelers flying back to the United States will need to present a covid test no more than 1 day before traveling to the U.S. It must be shown to the airline before you board your flight.

What happens if I test positive?

While entering the airport, land port or sea port, you may be denied entry into Belize at the discretion of the officer or you may be put into mandatory quarantine at a government designated area at your own expense.